Our Digital Services

Navigating the digital landscape as a small business owner can be quite the whirlwind—especially when focus tends to get pulled in 20 directions before you’ve had your morning coffee and even looked at the list you wrote the night before. 

Working hard isn’t the only answer; it’s about working smarter too. We’ve always embraced the mindset of “I may not know how to do it right now, but I’ll figure it out.” That spirit, that determination to figure things out, it’s a common thread among entrepreneurs —and that’s where TenBound Media is rooted. But it’s not always the best use of energy. Sometimes having a partner you can trust to be the expert is the smarter way to work. The service we provide small business owners for SEO and Digital Branding are services that we needed ourselves at one point so we understand the complexity, and expense which is why we’ve crafted a process that allows us to tailor to he needs of individual clients.

Aerial photo from drone.

Media Services

Every brand needs imagery. We offer still photography, videography, and droneography. Let us help your social media presence with your perfect messaging and creative excellence.

SEO & AdWords

We don’t believe the small business owners should pay for SEO any longer than it makes sense because honestly, once it’s dialed in, owners should be able to easily maintain on their own. That’s our model, teach you by example. Think of it like us building you a performance automobile. We build it and test drive it till it’s safe. Then you’re in the passenger seat for a few rounds, once you’re confortable with how fast it goes you start to drive yourself. Once the engine is broken in and you’re comfortable passing evey car on the freeway, we give you the keys and you maintain yourself without paying silly fees to someone just watching you drive your shiny new car. Sure we can maintain everything if you want us to, but our model is the most financially responsible option for small business owners who don’t have the time and expertise to create amazing search key results on their own

App Development

Thinking about developing an mobile app? It’s not as glamorous as people think. There’s a mountain of checkboxes, approvals, industry standards to adhear to. Let us help take your idea to market one phase at a time without overwhelming the budget or your stress levels!

Google Apps Icons showing how we are Google Apps Developers

Google Automation

Do you take advanatage of the array of Google Suite tools? Looking for a way to automate and simplify your workflows? Let us do a free analysis of your environment and procedures and craft a proposal to help your business run smoother in ways you never imagined possible. 

Why TenBound?

TenBound was born out of a personal need to cultivate expertise for own brand. Having the best website out there means nothing if no one sees it or finds it through a simple search. The digital realm has become a labyrinth of platforms, elusive algorithms, and these supposed quick-fix social media apps. Today’s entrepreneur needs to be digitally savvy and socially engaged, yet who has the time to constantly churn out content? And let’s be real, not everyone’s got a knack for creating content, even if they did have the time!

That’s where TenBound steps in. We get it—it’s not as easy as some make it sound. Sure, you can subscribe to a platform, but guess what? You’re still caught in the cycle of learning and running it! It’s just in a different way of doing the same thing and saves you no time.

At TenBound, it all begins with understanding your goals, your expectations, and laying out the steps to get there together. Our process? It’s both hands on, and automated, designed to make your project time more efficient and the expense more reasonable. We don’t subscribe to the notion that longer equals better. We understand the whirlwind pace of the digital world, especially for small business owners like us—time is precious, and wasting it is simply not an option.

So, why choose TenBound? Because we get the hustle, the daily juggle of wearing multiple hats as a small business owner. We’re here to bridge the gap between the chaos of the digital world and your brand’s success, with understanding and a lot of efficiency. Let’s navigate this digital whirlwind together—making your brand shine without the unnecessary fus

  • Automated Process
  • Clear Timelines
  • Detailed Expectations
  • Clear Communications
  • A Shared Goal for Success

Have questions about TenBound as your Brand Partner? Coffee is on us to discuss.

If you’re in Denver we’ll meet you at Stella’s on S. Pearl and if you’re remote, we’ll send you a Starbucks before we jump on a Zoom!